**4000 & 4500 Series model updates**

System Settings, Battery Testing & Warranty Information

**New warranty terms effective January 1, 2019**

Rolls Battery Manufacturer Warranty & Distributor Authorization

Rolls Battery Warranty


Warranty Claim Form & Battery Test Sheet

Modelo de Reclamación de Garantía y Solución de Problemas

Battery Maintenance Log Book

Discontinued Models

Product information for discontinued models, including specification sheets, is available upon request via our Customer Service department.


          Battery – Batterie – Batería

          SDS – Flooded Lead Acid Battery

          SDS – Flooded Lead Acid Batteries (DRY)

          SDS – Batterie au plomb

          SDS – Batería de Plomo Acido

          SDS – AGM Battery

          SDS – Batería AGM

          SDS – GEL Battery

          Battery Acid – Électrolyte – Electrolito

          SDS – Battery Acid

          SDS – Acide à Batterie

          SDS – Fluido de Batería, Acido 

IEC 61427-1: 2013 

Rolls 4000 Series IEC 61427-1:2013

Rolls 4500 & 5000 Series IEC 61427-1:2013

Declaration of Conformity IEC 61427-1    

Certificate of Conformance

ISO Certification

AGM CE Certification

Replacement Cell Order Form

Rolls Battery Replacement Cell Order Form

Rolls R-CAP


Battery Date Codes

Rolls Battery Date Codes

Liquid Reserve

Rolls Battery Liquid Reserve

Flooded Cell Spacing – Watering Systems

Flooded Cell Spacing Reference For Automatic Watering Systems

Railroad Model Cross Reference

Rolls Battery Railroad Model Cross-Reference

User Manuals

Rolls Battery User Manual

Manual de Uso – Baterias Rolls

Railroad Battery User Manual

Manual de Uso – Baterias de Ferrocarril

Rolls Battery User Manual

Rolls LFP Battery Operating Manual

Brochures & LFP Battery Specifications

Renewable Energy Brochure (North America)

                    Renewable Energy Brochure (Europe)

Folleto Energía Renovable

Railroad & Diesel Starter Brochure

Rolls S24-2800LFP LiFePO4 Battery

Rolls S48-6650LFP LiFePO4 Battery


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